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Charles Bradley - ‘The Screaming Eagle of Soul’ - and his band the Extraordinaires, Best Musical Find of 2011

I posted this on the Audyssey’s Facebook site in response to a question about the best find of the year. Up until two weeks ago I would not have even known Charles Bradley’s name (i most likely would have thought someone meant to say former NBA player and odd ball personality Charles Barkley or band Narls Barkley ).

Charles Bradley’s performance on WNYC’s local music show ‘SoundCheck’ featured an interview and live performance with the man and his voice. It is just stunning. Breathtakingly so.

Forget that kid who backhanded Micheal Buble. CB is the real deal.

Take my advise - cue up this video, and crank it loud (yes, to 11 wise guy). If you have crappy speakers get a good pair of cans on your head, (I highly recommend Sony MDR-V6’s), and prepare to weep with joy.

Yeah, it’s that damn good.

Next: Go and Buy his album. He may very well blow out his voice before the end of next year - enjoy it while you can. The original Sound Check interview can be heard here.

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